ShowNET Admin Tool 1.38 explained, including Zone Setting and Setup & Store mode | Laserworld

This tutorial explains the ShowNET Admin Tool in Version 1.38 and the features that can be set. It also explains the ILDA file upload to the ShowNET laser mainboard, the zone settings for projection zones, safety zones, and the geometric corrections. The ShowNET Admin Tool can be downloaded here: Grid test pattern can be downloaded here: The latest firmware can be downloaded here: 00:32 Test output with the ShowNET Admin Tool 00:40 Test color channels 01:22 Test scanner positioning 01:42 Text DMX in and out 02:12 The firmware tab - status information of the ShowNET 02:30 How to do a firmware upgrade 05:40 Upload ILDA files to the ShowNET 07:22 The Settings tab - DMX/ArtNET and playback behavior 07:31 Set DMX mode: DJ mode or professional mode 09:53 Set the ShowNET to either use ArtNET or DMX for playback of internal effects 10:34 Settings for remote control of laser control software via DMX/ArtNET 11:24 Settings for DMX OUT signal 12:29 Setup & Store mode 13:13 Project test pattern (download from if necessary) 14:57 Setup projection zone, safety zone, geometric corrections, etc. and store them to the ShowNET laser mainboard #shownet #lasermainboard #laserinterface #setupandstore #dmxlaser #safetyzone #projectionzone

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