In Action: Outdoor Laser, High Power

Permanent Laser Installation at Nyerere Bridge Kigamboni, Tanzania (3)

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The Nyerere Bridge in Kigamboni, Tanzania, is illuminated with spectacular effects lighting every night. Lasers manufactured by the Laserworld Group are used for main effects: 4 x RTI NANO RGB 30. The bridge is 680 meters long - a distance, which needs to be challanged by the lasers to illuminate the long pedestrian lanes. RTI NANO laser systems are especially suitable for long distance beam...Permanent Laser Installation at Nyerere Bridge...

RTI NANO RYGCB 35 @ Henley Swim 2016, UK (3)

Henley Swim 002 Web
On June 26th 2016 in Henley-on-Thames, GB, there was a 2.1 km endurance upstream River Thames swimming event, held over the Henley Royal Regatta course, very early on the Sunday morning before the Wednesday start of Henley Royal Regatta.Our partner AC Lasers was responsible for the laser show over the whole course and used an RTI NANO RYGCB 35 show laser light.Check out the...RTI NANO RYGCB 35 @ Henley Swim 2016, UK (3)

Laser Installation in Oxford with one RTI PIKO Show Laser (3)

AC Lasers PIKO G10 Installation Web Small
AC Lasers from Great Britain, installed a RTI PIKO G10 on the roof of the Electron Building  at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxford. The single green 10W device was put in a RTI Cocoon climate housing to protect it against bad weather conditions. The RTI PIKO G10 is used to project a sequence of graphis onto a building and to send a single beam over the site, where the particle...Laser Installation in Oxford with one RTI PIKO...

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