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The Laserworld CS-1000RGB MK3 is a powerful semi-professional pure diode laser, capable of intense standard laser effects like beams, waves and tunnels but also basic graphics. This laser has easy plug and play, sound-to-light and stand-alone modes, DMX control, so it can be controlled with the rest of your lighting, but also has an ILDA port for professional computer control. Of course, the Laserworld CS-1000RGB MK3 can also be operated in master-slave mode. Perfect for small to medium sized nightclub installs, indoor events and mobile DJs. More Details: - 1 W RGB laser system - DMX controllable, master-slave operation possible - Diode-only laser system - Computer controllable via ILDA - Sound-to-light and stand-alone mode - Front panel laser beam masking plate - Capable of basic graphics, texts and logos - Several hundred colors, including white - 28 kpps @ 8° ILDA scanners - 360° mounting bracket #laserworld #clubseries #laser #lasershow #dmx #ilda #cs1000rgb #1wlaser #showlaser #graphics #logo #text #standalone #automaticmode #soundtolight #sound2light #dmx512

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