Setup, connect and control Lasers / Laser show setup - what you should consider

This video explains how to set up lasers at a venue and how the wiring goes for direct laser control via software (ArtNET is quite similar, just different operation mode). It starts with mounting the lasers to the truss, respecting laser safety related aspects, do the LAN wiring with integrated switch and with external switch and also deals with wiring of an E-Stop. 01:41 Mount the lasers 02:25 Signal wiring 02:55 Daisy chain the control signal 04:12 Connect to the computer 05:03 Emergency Stop options 08:03 Connect power 08:18 Set correct operation mode 10:38 Start the Admin Tool, first start procedure 11:28 Start the Admin Tool and make Zone Settings 11:57 Set global projection zone, safety zone, geometric corrections 14:20 Close the Admin Tool before staring the control software 15:04 Start Showcontroller laser software 15:42 Hardware assignment 16:26 How to use an external switch for connecting the control signal 19:39 Showcontroller automatically reconnects to previously connected lasers 20:01 Connect an E-Stop to the Interlock connector 21:06 Daisy chain the E-Stop Interlock signal #shownet #showcontroller #laser #lasershow #laserworld #setup #tutorial #explanation

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