Showeditor V7.1 Q laser control software

Showeditor V7.1 Q
Showeditor - Software de control láser
2022 - presente
Full version of the Showeditor software. Works in Demo-Mode if no licensed hardware is connected.
Showeditor V7.1 Q laser control software

- Default Live Show install path changed to Documents/Showeditor_V7/DefaultLiveShow
- ShowNET interfaces in the LAN that are in an automatic operation mode are no longer detected as active
- Default Live Show is loaded in case no content was preselected, so Showeditor starts up well-prepared for direct laser show operation (settings can be made to this)
- DMX window preload has been delayed
- Startup overview screen for software part selection stays on top and was improved in general
- Direct access to video tutorials have been integrated with the startup window
- The current INI file and it's folder can directly be accessed with a button next to the information in the options. This is especially helpful, as the folder is invisibile in windows as standard.
- Options window alwas loads centered on the screen on program startup. This helps with resetting window positions in case something messed up.
- Users with software license for HE-Laserscan can also use this Showeditor release.
- Rare license detection issue with different sessions was fixed.
- Automatic midi mapping issue when cancelling an operation is fixed
- Quick-Zero of safety zones with a button to quickly check laser safety zone setup. Applies to all zones, so gives quick result.
- In case a license key information gets lost somehow, further details are provided.
- Mirroring at the x and y axis - new feature in the Figure Editor Menu -> Edit -> Mirror selected points
- Movement of marked points is now possible with the cursor keys: select the points, press CTRL and use the cursor keys to move the points. Movement happes according to the grid that is set.
- Wrench tool has been extended with a cancel button
- The lines that belong to a selected point are drawn slightly thicker, so it's easier to determine which point starts which line.
- The grid in the Figure Editor has been modified. Grid size 1 equals 100px. So setting grid size to 0,01 means 1 pixel.
- FrameInfo window did not refresh properly, is fixed.
- Bug with the fade in / fade out edit window has been fixed.
- Several minor bug fixes and improvements

Download the complete version of Laserworld Showeditor V7 - it is FREE and works with Laserworld ShowNET LAN interfaces (DACs)

The Showeditor software requires a ShowNET interface with a firmware with basic Showeditor compatibility (also former Slave or Master interface) for operation.

DEMO VERSION: Showeditor V7 can output, if a ShowNET interface is present. If no interface with suitable firmware is connected, Showeditor works in fully functional (except output) DEMO mode, so it can be tried out. Also the ILDA file export feature is fully functional!

Read more about this here: Multi-interface operation, compatible hardware

Minimum Hardware Requirements:
Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11)
Min. 1152 x 864 Pixel Graphics Resolution

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