RTI NANO RGB 100   Front Left 2 S
100W extreme power full color laser system with graphics capable scanning and very low divergence.
  • 100W full color laser, including white
  • High performance scanners of 38kpps @ 8° ILDA; 25kpps @ max. deflection of 48°
  • Divergence only 0.9 mrad
  • Latest RSL module technology, maintenance free modules
  • Built-in air conditioning, can be used from -20° to +60°C
  • Variable mounting options, rainproof housing
  • Great for skylaser, mountain projections, long distance projections, multimedia project use, or any other long throw, high visibility use.

Controladora ShowNET de serie:
  • Varias opciones de control: ILDA, DMX profesional y ArtNET (dos modos), LAN (control por ordenador, DAC integrado), Funcionamiento autónomo, Receptor de streaming ILDA, Master-Slave
  • Crea contenido personalizado, almacénalo dentro del láser y reprodúcelo en diferentes modos
  • Software de control de espectáculos láser gratuito incluido
RTI NANO RGB 100   Front Left 2 S
RTI NANO RGB 100   Side Left
RTI NANO RGB 100   Back Fuse
RTI NANO RGB 100   Front S
RTI NANO RGB 100   Back
RTI NANO RGB 100   Back Control
Stand-Alone modeMODO AUTÓNOMO:
El láser funciona de forma autónoma y no necesita ningún control. Reproduce el contenido almacenado en la placa base del láser.
El láser se puede controlar con un controlador DMX estándar o un software DMX.
ArtNET modeModo de Control ArtNET
LAN connectionMODO LAN:
El láser puede ser controlado a través de la LAN - que puede ser directamente por software, o ArtNET o similar (dependiendo de la placa base)
ILDA connectionModo ILDA:
El láser puede controlarse a través de ILDA estándar, la señal de control analógica para control de láser. Se pueden utilizar convertidores digitales-analógicos (DAC) externos.
ILDA StreamingStreaming ILDA
El láser está equipado con la avanzada controladora láser ShowNET que aporta multitud de características al láser y lo convierte en un dispositivo de iluminación inteligente.
Free Showeditor laser software includedSHOWEDITOR INCLUIDO:
Se incluye la versión completa del software Showeditor, para el control de espectáculos láser.
The RTI NANO 100 stretches the physical boundaries of current show laser light technology: With 100.000 mW and professional scanners with 38kpps @ 8° ILDA; 25kpps @ max. deflection of 48° it claims a class for its own.
The 100W full color laser system is powered by three ultra precise laser modules built with the latest generation of the maintenance free RTI Semiconductor Laser (RSL) technology with individual powers of 30.000 mW / 637 nm (red), 32.000 mW / 525 nm (green) and 54.000 mW / 455 nm (blue). With these high powers per color channel it is no problem to create colored beams that are visible from many kilometers away. But the RTI NANO 100 is also graphics capable: Projections to far distance surfaces, like mountains or tall buildings, can be done as well as astonishing aerial effects that cover a huge area.
Typical applications for this unit are sky laser or landmark laser use, long distance and large scale projections towards big surfaces, but it can also be THE special effect for any type of large scale event. Multimedia projects can integrate these lasers to make sure that the beams can definitely be seen without the requirement of artificial fog or haze.
The RTI NANO 100 comes with its own active cooling system to make sure that the output and performance of the laser system can always be kept on a top professional level. The integrated AC keeps the temperature of all critical parts at a constant level, independently of the environmental conditions, which allows for operation of the laser system between -20° and +60° C. The AC unit is integrated to the housing, so no additional external devices are required, which makes transport, handling and mounting quite easy for the power level of this unit.
The interior of the RTI NANO 100 laser system is built with special shock absorbing technology that extends the shock-proof design of the laser modules, so misalignment of the ultra-precise laser modules is prevented, which is essential for long-range use.
Even though the RTI NANO 100 creates such extreme laser powers, the size of the laser beam as well as the divergence is kept extremely low, so it is possible to use small scanner mirrors for fast, professional graphics display. It also maintains a very low widening of the beam over distance (divergence), which makes the laser beam travel over longer distances and keeps up visibility: With a divergence of only 0.9 mrad the RTI NANO 100 is truly outstanding at the power it provides.
The laser system comes in a case housing that can be operated standing on a surface, hung from a truss construction or ceiling, or flown like a line array. It comes on heavy duty castor wheels with a special suspension technology. Of course the laser system is perfectly suitable for outdoor use, even in the rain.
The laser mainboard supports many different types of control, including stand-alone operation, DMX/ ArtNET and direct computer control over LAN. The system is delivered ready for operation.
Creating such extreme laser powers of course requires a proper power supply of the unit. Due to its energy efficient design, the RTI NANO 100 only requires a 3 phase 16A CEE power connection, where it actually uses 2 phases only (one for the laser system itself, one for the air conditioning), with an overall maximum power consumption of only 6 kW.
The whole laser system, including the built-in air conditioning, has the dimensions of 110 x 80 x 130 cm and weights 120 kg.
RTI NANO RGB 100   Lock Detail
RTI NANO RGB 100   004 Detail
RTI NANO RGB 100   003 Detail
RTI NANO RGB 100    0025 Beam
RTI NANO RGB 100    0028 Beam
RTI NANO RGB 100    0029 Beam
RTI NANO RGB 100    0030 Beam
RTI NANO RGB 100    0026 Beam
RTI NANO RGB 100    0027 Beam
RTI NANO RGB 100    0034 Beam
RTI NANO RGB 100    0033 Beam
RTI NANO RGB 100    0031 Beam
RTI NANO RGB 100    0032 Beam
RTI NANO RGB 100    0004 Beam
RTI NANO RGB 100    0001 Beam
RTI NANO RGB 100    0002 Beam
RTI NANO RGB 100    0005 Beam
RTI NANO RGB 100   001 Beam
RTI NANO RGB 100    0008 Beam
RTI NANO RGB 100    0006 Beam
RTI NANO RGB 100    0007 Beam
RTI NANO RGB 100    0003 Beam
RTI NANO RGB 100    0009 Beam
RTI NANO RGB 100    0012 Beam
RTI NANO RGB 100    0015 Beam
RTI NANO RGB 100    0011 Beam
RTI NANO RGB 100    0013 Beam
RTI NANO RGB 100    0016 Beam
RTI NANO RGB 100    0019 Beam
RTI NANO RGB 100    0010 Beam
RTI NANO RGB 100    0017 Beam
RTI NANO RGB 100    0018 Beam
RTI NANO RGB 100    0014 Beam
Potencia Garantizada en la apertura
100.000 mW
Potencia Rojo
30.000 mW / 637 nm
Potencia Verde
32.000 mW / 525 nm
Potencia Azul
54.000 mW / 455 nm
Espec. del Haz (ángulo completo)
ca. 10 mm / 0.9 mrad
38kpps @ 8° ILDA; 25kpps @ max. deflection of 48°
Apertura Máx.
Tipo de Láser
RTI Semiconductor Laser Modules (RSL)
Modos de Uso:
ILDA, LAN (Software), DMX, ArtNET, ILDA-Streaming, Stand-Alone
Figuras Básicas
over 120 (hot beams, layers, tunnels, fences, waves, etc.)
power cable, manual, keys, interlock; full version Showeditor software license included
Clasificación IP
Fuente de Alimentación
16A CEE, 3 phase
Consumo Eléctrico
6000 W
110 x 80 x 130 cm
120 kg
*Debido a la tecnología de corrección óptica avanzada utilizada en nuestros sistemas láser, la potencia óptica de cada color dentro de los módulos láser instalados puede diferir ligeramente de la especificación de los respectivos módulos láser.

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