The RTI Pangolin FB-4 Quickshow 'Standard' is a network interface, which runs with Pangolin Quickshow or Pangolin BEYOND. Pangolin Quickshow is included. There is no need any more to connect a computer to the show laser through an ILDA interface.  Depending on your needs different versions are available: for DMX and/or ILDA control, for network control and with SD card memory. RTI Pangolin FB-4 Quickshow 'Standard' can be used with every show laser system, providing one of the features mentioned above, independent of the brand.

Features of RTI Pangolin FB-4 Quickshow 'Standard' are:

  • Full Ethernet control
  • Stand-alone SD memory card
  • Full color OLED display
  • Support for DMX and/or ILDA (depending on the version)
  • Support scan speed of up to 120kpps
  • Support for 6-color channels
  • Improved laser output with interpolation

Show laser systems of RTI with detachable remote control pads even allow fixing the RTI Pangolin FB-4 Quickshow 'Standard' housing directly at the laser device. 

The integrated full color OLED display provides various setting options:

  • Projector settings
  • Network settings
  • Color palette settings
  • Geometric corrections
  • Safety settings
  • Clock
  • etc.


RTI FB-4 QS ‘Standard’

RTI FB-4 QS ‘Standard’ runs the laser control software of Pangolin Quickshow and offers the possibility to control the show laser system through ILDA or by the onboard SD-memory.

For ILDA control:
Just connect a network cable (CAT5) from your computer, running Pangolin Quickshow (software is included in this package), to the network port of the RTI Pangolin FB-4 Quickshow 'Standard'. Then connect an ILDA cable from this network interface to the show laser.

With SD-memory:
Lighting Console Mode: Create content in Pangolin software and then export this content to the onboard SD-memory (included in delivery). The computer can be eliminated for the show laser setup, which can be controlled through a lighting console now. This option is ideal for lighting designers.

Auto Mode: 
Create content in Pangolin software and then export this content to the onboard SD-memory (included in delivery). It is possible to playback the content from the SD-memory automatically, without the need for a computer. RTI Pangolin FB-4 Quickshow 'Standard' features an internal clock, which allows setting a given time for playback.

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