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The RTI NANO RGB 3030 impresses with a very bright 638 nm red

  • newly developed electronics with calibration capability via a browser interface
  • Emergency stop signal can be looped through several RTI NANO systems, which means that one emergency stop is sufficient for all devices
  • quality product, made in Germany
  • Robust and dustproof housing, which also makes it possible to use it outdoors without problems

  • The RTI NANO RGB 30 is equipped with laser diode modules with a very similar setup: the three laser diode modules of the pure diode lasers have a equilibrated balance of 12'000 mW / 638 nm red, 7'500 mW / 520 nm green, and 12'500 mW / 450 nm blue. The special modules ensure brilliant colors, a homogeneous white and great color mixture. The 638 nm light red sources ensure a very good visibility of the red color spectrum. The high-precision diode arrays emit with very small beam diameters and at the same time have an excellent divergence of less than 1.0 mrad. The beam precision of the single-mode diodes was significantly increased by a new method. The diode laser modules are manufactured by Ray Technologies in Germany.

    The RTI NANO RGB 30 is equipped with high-speed scanners, as the high performance of the diode modules in RTI NANO RGB 30 ensures a high scan speed of >40 kpps@8° ILDA and a maximum scan angle of 50° (at 25 kpps) is reached. These devices are therefore suitable for a variety of different applications.
    The scanner upgrade CT-6215HP with Big Boy Driver is also very often integrated for very demanding applications, which significantly increases the scan speed to a maximum of 60 kpps@8° ILDA and a maximum scan angle of 60° (at 30 kpps).

    By default, the RTI NANO RGB 30 is controlled via ILDA and is equipped with a newly developed electronics with calibration capability via a browser interface. In addition, color and scanner settings and other parameters can be configured directly via the browser application by connecting the laser directly via LAN (W-LAN is also possible with a suitable access point). Thanks to the browser interface, it is no longer necessary to operate the laser projector directly on the device (since this is often mounted at a height of several meters). All configurations can be conveniently done via a computer (PC, MAC, Linux), a tablet or a mobile phone.
    Optionally the system can also be operated via LAN, DMX, SD card or in auto mode. W-DMX and a remote control pad are available on request. On the back of the device, there is an 'ILDA-IN' interface as well as an 'ILDA-Through' to loop through the control signal. The emergency stop signal can also be looped through for several RTI NANO laser systems, which means that only one emergency stop is sufficient for all RTI NANO devices connected to one another.
    Due to the dustproof housing, the maintenance effort is very low and the device is also suitable for tough touring applications.

    The powerful RTI NANO RGB 30 is suitable for indoor and outdoor show laser applications at concerts, festivals and other major events. Demanding graphics projections or projections over long distances are possible without any problems.

    The RTI NANO RGB 30 is a quality product manufactured in Germany.

    Ray Technologies
    Potencia Garantizada Tras Óptica:
    28'000 mW
    Potencia Rojo:
    12'000 mW / 638 nm
    Potencia Verde:
    7'500 mW / 520 nm
    Potencia Azul:
    12'500 mW / 450 nm
    Clase de Láser:
    Especificaciones del Haz (ángulo completo):
    aprox. 6.0 mm / <1.0 mrad
    >40 kpps@8° ILDA; optional: CT-6215HP Big Boy Driver, 60 kpps@8° ILDA, max. 60° (@30 kpps).
    Ángulo de Escaneo:
    50° max. (@25 kpps)
    Fuente de Láser:
    Modos de Funcionamiento:
    ILDA; optional DMX, Auto, LAN, SD-card, W-DMX
    Browser interface (integrated), Manual, Llave, Buccaneer cable; optional: detachable remote control pad incl. patch cable
    Fuente de Alimentación:
    85-250 V AC 50/60 Hz
    Consumo Eléctrico:
    900 W
    550/385/205 mm
    32 kg

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