In Action: Product Presentation with Laser

Audi A6 car presentation with laser show (3)

2011 Audi A6 Car Presentation
The new Audi A6 was presented by a big car dealer in Germany in 2011 and HB-Laser supported this car launch with a laser show and media technology, including sound system and video projection equipment. In addition to that, an Interactive Visions interactive projection system was provided. This technology was used for the car launch laser show and projections: 3 x...Audi A6 car presentation with laser show (3)

IAA Exhibition - Mercedes Benz Exhibition Booth laser projection (3)

2009 09 Iaa Mercedes Benz
The IAA - the "Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung" -  shows all the new car models, the concept cars and the future of automotive industry. HB-Laser supplied Mercedes-Benz at their IAA exhibition booth in 2009. Mercedes required a laser projection which was uncommon and besides that it was required to cover the whole booth with the laser projection. To achieve this, HB-Laser...IAA Exhibition - Mercedes Benz Exhibition Booth...

Fanuc - exhibition and corporate laser show (3)

2006 02 Fanuc
HB-Laser did two laser shows for Fanuc in  2006 - one exhibition laser show at the Hannover Messe exhibition, the other one at the after party. At the exhibition site, HB-Laser presented the Fanuc products with a corporate product laser show, displaying the products and solutions of the company in laser animations and graphics. This was done with a fibre-coupled white light...Fanuc - exhibition and corporate laser show (3)

Laser Logo Projection for Chiron (3)

2005 08 Chiron Projection
The Chiron company requested a demo of laser logo projections in their factory, to accompany product presentations to customers. Different examples of this logo projections are shown on the pictures below. HB-Laser used an ATLAS 1000 gas laser system with Coherent Enterprise 1.5W laser source. The projections were done and positioned with a fibre-fed HB-Laser PinScan 360° laser moving...Laser Logo Projection for Chiron (3)

Interactive projection for Coca Cola with Interactive Visions System (IVS) (3)

2006 02 Coca Cola Ivs Projection
These interactive projections for the Coca Cola company were done with HB-Laser's Interactive Visions System (IVS), a solution for motion tracking and display interaction. The projections were done at the InterGastra Show in Germany at time of the Soccer World Championship. Two Interactive Visions systems were provided, a smaller one for 1-2 people interactions, and a huge one for...Interactive projection for Coca Cola with...

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