The RTI PIKO RGB 20 is a compact show laser system 'Made in Germany' in a durable, dustproof built housing, which is perfectly suitable for challenging show laser applications.

This laser system impresses with a guaranteed RGB output power of 19'000 mW.
5'800 mW at bright 638 nm red combined with 6'200 mW / 520 nm green and two different blue diode laser modules (6'000 mW / 450 nm & 4'000 mW / 462 nm) enable more color shades and a higher visibility. The diode laser modules are fabricated by Ray Technologies in Germany.

The RTI PIKO RGB 20 can be controlled by ILDA as a standard feature and comes with an advanced main board control via browser interface. It is possible to access the configuration settings for color, scanning and other parameters directly through a browser application by connecting to the laser via LAN (W-LAN with suitable access point). With this browser interface it is no longer necessary to physically access the laser projector (that is probably mounted in several meter height). All configurations can be set remotely from any computer (PC, MAC, Linux), tablet or even mobile phone.
The PIKO RGB 20 can optionally be operated by LAN, DMX, SD card or via stand-alone mode. W-DMX and a detachable remote pad are available on request. At the back side of the device there is an 'ILDA-IN' interface but also an 'ILDA-Through' to connect one or (in a row) more systems, projecting the same laser patterns.

Maintenance can be reduced to a minimum by the IP54 dustproof built housing.

The very powerful RTI PIKO RGB 20 is well-suited for show laser applications in indoor as well in outdoor areas, at concerts, festivals and other large events. Graphics projections and long distance projections are easily possible.

Ray Technologies
Potencia Garantizada Tras Óptica:
19'000 mW
Potencia Rojo:
5'800 mW / 638 nm
Potencia Verde:
6'200 mW / 520 nm
Potencia Azul:
6'000 mW / 450 nm | 4'000 mW / 462 nm
Clase de Láser:
Especificaciones del Haz (ángulo completo):
aprox. 4.0 mm / <1.0 mrad
CT-6210H incl. RTI RayScan driver: 60kpps@8° ILDA
Ángulo de Escaneo:
80° max. (@35kpps)
Fuente de Láser:
Modos de Funcionamiento:
ILDA; optional DMX, Auto, LAN, SD-card, W-DMX
Browser interface (integrated), Manual, Llave, Cable de alimentación; optional: detachable remote control pad incl. patch cable
Fuente de Alimentación:
85-250 V AC 50/60 Hz
Consumo Eléctrico:
500 W
250/411/265 mm
20 kg